Here in a region of México, the American dream has been linked to risking or losing one's life for more than a decade. Montze Olvera, one of the co-founders of the collective brand Las Adelitas, is working to change that reality. The group, which has been active since 2019, is part of the union of cooperatives in the Laguna region, and has recently started exporting their coffee from plant to cup. They have shipped 20 sacks of specialty coffee to Los Angeles, California, from the harvests of each of their members and their families. They hope that customers will enjoy their coffee from Hidalgo. Augustina Morales and Maria del Refugio, members of Las Adelitas, also express their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to export their coffee to the USA for the first time. Maria Blanca Gomez, also a member, expresses pride in their achievement and hopes that customers in the USA will enjoy the selected coffee that has been carefully tended to from the cutting right down to the final product.